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We have a new survey to try and record just how many dogs are having adverse reactions to the Lepto vaccines.
The dedicated website is
Or the survey can be accessed on mobile phones and tablets for better display

Leptospiroses 2 strain vaccination L2 still available in the UK?

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Supporting Dogs Trust by asking people to save their used postage stamps

Dogs trust stamp appeal, supported by Dorsetdog

Email Mark at to advertise your fun dog show free of charge

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Dorset dog - Home Page
Welcome to dorsetdog . com
The website for dogs in Dorset
    Diary of fun dog shows in Dorset
    was created to help anyone who is thinking of running or is involved in a charity fun / companion dog show.
  • Dorsetdog is also here to help advertise the show, and we do have nearly 600 people regularly returning to the site in 2013.
  • run your own dog show, how to run a dog show, run a dog show with
    There is also a guide on how to judge a dog show, and numerous downloads and tips for dog show organisers.
  • One of the key features of the adverts on is the accurate map and address of the venue, so that potential entrants
    How to judge a dog show, Judging a dog show with
    can actually find the show site.
  • We also have a diary of Sponsored dog walks on the calendar.
  • The diary is totally free to advertise on

List of dog walking groups in Dorset - with
Pick up after your dog - dog waste is dangerous

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The aim of this site is to give Dorset residents who own companion dogs and family pet dogs a one stop shop of training clubs, Novelty / Fun and Companion dog shows events within Dorset - and more.

Listed events will remain on the diary, to advise readers of a potential event the following year.

If you know someone involved in running a dog show in your area of Dorset, please mention our site to them. Then we can share their event with everyone and increase their fund raising.

Diary of sponsored dog walks on

Submit your show details to Give some feedback on a dog show that you attended

The diary is totally free to advertise on

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To read downloaded PDF copies of the schedules and show organisers documents you will need the free Adobe Reader software. If you don't already have it you can download it for free by clicking on the Get Adobe Reader icon

Any dog training club based in Dorset can be listed for free on this site. All requests must include a contact name, phone number, detailed venue address and location, post code, day and time of meeting/lessons, and web site address if relevant. An email address should only be supplied if you regularly check emails.

Enjoy your companion for tips on what to do in the show dog ring