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In November 2016 I submitted a petition to the European Parliament, but it hasn't been translated yet. So I put one on

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My Alfie passed away in March 2016. He declined rapidly after receiving the Versican Plus Lepto 4 vaccine, made by Zoetis. I submitted a petition to the European Parliament in November 2016 asking for all the L4 vaccines to be suspended, but EU haven't translated that yet, so it can't progress forward.

On Facebook we're hearing all sorts of horror stories, including of vets taking the vaccines straight out of the fridge and straight in to the dogs. So with help from a friend, I got the wording right (I think) to get the points across clearly - and it is now on

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#animalhealth #lepto #Lepto4 Alfie's Lepto 4 petition to save dog lives
Alfie was a beautiful tri coloured Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, born on 10th October 2006. Alfie had the Lepto 2 vaccine for 8 years from at least January 2007. In October 2012 he was found to have a Grade 2 (out of 5) heart murmur. By March 2013 at his yearly MOT and vaccination, Alfie was found to be Grade 3 murmur. Alf

Alfie continued to be a Grade 3 when attending for his yearly MOT and vaccinations on Thursday 11th February 2016. I took both dogs in as usually, and was advised that they had a new lepto vaccine, which they were using due to an outbreak in Somerset. I was informed that this was Versican Plus Lepto 4, made by Zoetis. Because it wasn't the Nobivac L4 vaccine that I had heard so many bad stories about, I decided that both dogs could have the vaccine.

Both dogs were OK in themselves for the rest of the day. The next morning I found that they both had lumps around the injection site, and I was unable to groom them for two days due to their being in pain when I touched the side. By Friday night I had noticed that Alfie's breathing had changed and became more laboured.

Over the weekend I found that Alfie became less interested in going for a walk. On Wednesday I came home from work early and rushed up stairs, followed by Alfie. Alfie stopped at the top of the stairs and just sort of stood there confused. Clearly something wasn't right and as I walked towards him he collapsed. A quick check of his mouth showed blue tongue and gums. Rushed him to the vets and he is now a Grade 6 out of 6 - which means you can't actually hear the heart beat due to blood not pumping. An injection of Vetmedin helped him immediately, although he clearly wasn't right. Lexie by now was back to her normal self.

Alfie's new cough. Didn't have this before the Lepto 4


Alfie's affected breathing after first Lepto 4 injection

The weather got a bit colder, and restricted walks around the car park and literally just down the road weren't that pleasant for Alfie any more.

Four weeks after the first vaccination I took both dogs back for a check up and consider the second vaccination. I had by this point been assured by three partners of the veterinary practice that there was absolutely no way that the vaccine could have caused this degrading of the heart strings, and that it was just coincidence. By this point I had decided that as Alfie's life clearly wasn't anything like he was 4 weeks before,then I would allow him to have the second Lepto 4 vaccination injection. My thought was that he would either stay the same, or the second injection would make him worse. whilst Alfie was still a grade 6 out of 6, he was absolutely and totally clear of any fluid retention.

So on Thursday 10th March 2016, both dogs had their second Zoetis Versican Plus Lepto 4 vaccine. Again both dogs had lumps come up at the injection site, and I was unable to groom or touch their side for two days. Alfie had refused to go wee in the garden for years, so I was now just carrying him out to the grass by the road so that he could go toilet. As I put his coat on Sunday evening I had the stupid thought that he'd put weight on due to not walking. By Monday morning I'd realised that he was actually full of fluid. Back to the vets and at least one vet is now considering that the two vaccine injections might have caused this. Alfie is put on diuretics, and I am told to keep an eye on him and bring him back in a few days. On the Tuesday I ring the vets and express concern that he's still full of fluid and not improving. I am told to give the tablets time to work.

Alfie after the 2nd Lepto 4 vaccine

Alfie died after Zoetis Lepto 4 vaccine
Alfie died on my bed at around 00.15 on Wednesday 17th March 2016. My vets arranged for Zoetis to pay for an autopsy, and I drove Alfie up to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) at Hatfield. RVC's Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology records that Alfie died of MVD. Alfie did die of MVD and drowning in his own fluids as a result of the vaccine affecting his heart on both occasions.

Alfie in his casket, after receiving Zoetis Lepto 4 vaccine

Alfie now rests in his casket, watching us trying to move on.

So I decided to do a Parliamentary petition for more research to be carried out on these vaccines. I was surprised at how restricted these petitions are on character spaces. What I wanted to put was.

Alfie petition to suspend Lepto 4 to save dogs lives

Alfie's petition


To suspend the use of all Canine Leptospirosis 4 vaccines in the UK until further research is conducted to end the deaths and suffering caused by numerous adverse reactions, and provide proof that those two additional strains exist in the UK and how widespread they are so that owners can make an informed decision.


Dogs have been vaccinated against 2 strains of Leptospirosis for decades. Whilst there have been a few reactions, with some being fatal, many dogs have in general benefited from that Lepto 2 vaccine.

Whilst recommending to dog owners that the dog receives the new L4 vaccine, Vets have been unable to provide evidence of recorded cases of Lepto in the UK - and specifically been unable to show cases of the two new strains in the UK. It appears that 2 strains of Lepto have only been seen in the UK following the introduction of a Lepto 4 vaccine

Further, vets are dismissing any connection with the vaccine when illness and death occur shortly after vaccination. WSAVA are offering different guidelines to BSAVA , who are offering different guidelines to BVA.


Because dogs are dying as a direct or indirect result of having received the Lepto 4 vaccine produced from numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers,

1)    I call for the use of any Lepto 4 vaccine to be suspended from use until further research is conducted to resolve those adverse reactions.

2)    I call for all vaccinated dogs who die following vaccination of Lepto to be autopsied at the relevant pharmaceutical companies expense and for the pathologist to not only identify the cause of death, but what could have caused that event, e.g. death by MVD due to vaccine affecting chordae tendineae (heart strings) causing pulmonary oedema, onset of IMHA, Addingtons, etc.

3)    I further call that it becomes mandatory for all cases of Lepto to be reported and recorded on a publicly viewable on-line database, which shows exactly which strain or strains of lepto infected the dog, which strains the dog had been vaccinated against, and which county of the UK the dog was in so that owners can make an informed decision on vaccination.

4)    And because so many dogs are now becoming ill following vaccination of Lepto, I call for it to be mandatory for every dog who becomes ill or dies within 4 weeks of receiving any Lepto vaccine to be publicly recorded - whether the vet thinks the death is connected to the vaccine or not.

5)    I call for it to be mandatory for pharmaceutical companies to define what is classed as a healthy dog. e.g. is a dog with a grade 3 out of 5 heart murmur, or an older dog with a previously undiagnosed condition healthy enough to receive a vaccine?

6)    I call for it to be mandatory for pharmaceutical companies to research and show the full length of immunity given by any Lepto vaccine, rather than the current minimum length of protection.

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