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Advertise your dog show for free on www . Dorsetdog . com

All we ask in return is that you include a statement "As seen on www . dorsetdog . com" on your web site, show schedule, flyers and posters.

By providing as much detail as possible will help potential entrants to know about your event and help them find you.

Click on the button to go to our on-line form, where you can quickly complete and submit your show details.

Submit your dog show details to

If you feel that creating a schedule (or formatting the page layout) is beyond your comfort zone, then please email me all the details and I will create one for you.

Dorsetdog will require confirmation by email of the details before advertising any event

Note - a line should be included on your schedule, posters/flyers and web site stating "Visit www . dorsetdog . com - for a diary of dog shows in Dorset", 

or Right Click on the logo or the Quick Reference (QR) icon and paste into your Schedule or flyer/poster. text logo
Quick Reference (QR) code for Dorsetdog . com diary page
Post code finder

The Royal Mail have a post code finder on their web site. Click this line to visit Royal Mail postcode finder

Please email Mark at with any enquiries

If you know someone involved in running a dog show in your area of Dorset, please download our flyer and pass it to them so they may visit and provide us with their show's details. Then we can share their event with everyone and increase their fund raising.

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