Dorset dog - Diary of dog shows
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Dorset dog show diary, for a diary of fun,
novelty and village fete dog shows in Dorset.

Best trick class

Don't leave you dog in a car. Hot cars kill dogs

Below is a calendar of events that are open to dogs not
registered with the Kennel Club or any other club.

Please note. If the show advert's date is from the previous year, then it is presumed that the show will still be held this year - but not guaranteed
Bring a photocopy of your companion dog certificate to the dog show
Is your dog a member of the Kennel Club Companion Dog Club (CDC)?

If you are attending a show that has a Companion Dog Club class, then
do ensure that you take a photocopy of your membership certificate along.

Internal car temperature rise on hot days
When going to any show, please ensure that you take the following items with you.

  • Poo bags, no responsible dog owner should ever leave home without them as you never know when they might need to go!

  • Water bowl and water. Many sites do not have running water

  • Umbrella - so the dog can sit in the shade if sunny, and to provide protection if it rains
  • Favourite toy
  • Blanket or towel
  • Treats
  • Grooming brush
  • Fixed lead

  • List of dog breeds in the Sporting and Non sporting dog groups

  • Key to show types

    Agility show Companion Dog Show Fun Dog Show Sponsored Dog walk postponed due to weather

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    Click on a place name in the calendar to see details of that show. Use the Previous month and Next month navigation to move through the year

    Due to other commitments, I no longer have time to chase show owners for details of their next show. I will however continue to add details of shows who contact me.

    Calendar of dog shows by month

    Click on the month buttons below to see what events may have been held at that time last year

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    What to take to a dog show
    Space blanket to keep dogs cool in the sun