Directory of Stewards and Judges for fun / novelty dog shows

The dog show Steward list at
A problem that most fun dog shows have, is finding local Judges and Stewards for their show. But also of finding Stewards and Judges who know what to do in the ring.
Some shows choose the same Judges every year, which can put entrants off. wants to create a directory of people willing to Steward and Judge novelty dog shows in Dorset and the surrounding area.
If you know someone who has the class continuously walking round and round the ring, or rushes every class as if they have something better to do - then they are not for this directory.
But if you know of anyone that would be suitable for a directory of Judges and Stewards, then please ask them to email

The Directory of Judges and Stewards

Directory of dog show judges at intends to hold a directory of people who are prepared to act as Steward or Judge for the fun / novelty dog shows, or for the fun / novelty classes of a Companion Dog Club show.

The plan at this time (Plan A) is to hold a directory of volunteers. Then, when any show organiser asks for suggestions, will pass on contact details of any person in or near to the area of the show.

The normal gifts from the show to these volunteers is;
For the Judge, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine,
For the Steward, a bottle of wine.

Directory of Judges and Stewards for fun dog shows at