Dorsetdog - pet friendly slug pellets

Most people take their pets to visit friends and family. Often those being visited do not have pets and do not consider pet health when buying their preferred slug killer pellets, to protect their plants and veg.

A number of slug pellet manufacturers still use Metaldehyde and other chemicals that are allegedly harmful to pets and wildlife. These include the most readily available products made by Bayer, Doff, etc. However, Bayer and Doff both manufacture slug pellets made from ferric phosphate (a form of iron), considered by some as a more natural chemical or a more natural form of control. It should be noted that iron, if eaten in quantity by dogs, for example, can be fatal. Slug pubs, copper tape and crushed shells etc are also available and considered by some to be a more natural/softer form of control.

Products of some manufacturers who claim to make pet and wildlife friendly slug pellets are shown below

Slug Rid
Growing Success
 Advanced slug killer

Dog friendly Vitax slug Rid

dog friendly - Growing success slug killer
Vitax website
Growing success website 

I have used the Vitax for a couple of years without incident to my dogs

‎(Nippon)‎ Vitax video on Pet friendly slug killer

Growing Success video on pet friendly slug killer

Other slug killers include

Super Slug Killer
Slug bait
Slug killer 

Doff - Super slug killer

 Bayer - slug and snail killer

Protect Garden slug pellets
Doff - Super Slug killer website

Bayer has sold it's Bayer Garden division to SBM  The SMB Developments range is called Protect garden

dog safe slug pellets to use in your garden at