Used stamp appeal to help raise funds for The Dogs Trust.

Do you have any stamps? If you receive postage stamps on cards and things, perhaps you would consider sending them to the Dogs Trust. Perhaps you could save them over the year and post them off after all the Christmas and New Year cards have come through your letterbox. 

The Dogs Trust can now take any stamp, even the basic First and Second class with the Queen's head on. However, foreign and picture stamps are worth more to the Dogs Trust.

The Dogs Trust do wonderful work for dogs throughout the UK, including a survey of how many stray dogs are in the country. They also help to finance the spay and neutering of dogs in areas of high unwanted dog populations, such as Northern Ireland.

Dogs Trust stamp appeal updated address 2020 

After an incredible 40 years of service, our volunteer ‘stamp lady’ Jenny Thomas has decided to take a well-deserved restand retire from running the Dogs Trust stamp appeal.

Jenny has raised a phenomenal amount during this time, contributing more than£200,000 towards helping our four-legged friends. In 2017, we awarded Jenny the ‘Dogs Trust Phyllis Mayer Argus Medal’ in recognition of her outstanding commitment to stray and abandoned dogs - only the 20th recipient of this award in the long history of the charity.

On behalf of everyone at Dogs Trust, we would like to thank Jenny for her tireless commitment to helping the dogs in our care – and wish her the very best in her retirement. We would also like to give a big thanks to you, our readers, for your wonderful contribution to the appeal. Please continue to send all postage stamps, postcards and foreign currencies to this new address:

Stamp Appeal, 

Dogs Trust,

17 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7RQ

We politely request that bulky envelopes use a stamp with the word ‘Large’ printed on it.

Jenny the Dogs Trust Stamp appeal lady retires

One hopes you will receive a letter of thanks informing you of how much the appeal raised so far this year. But rest assured that you will not be added to any mailing list at the Dogs Trust. save your stamps for the Dog's Trust appeal