Used stamp appeal to help raise funds for The Dogs Trust.

Do you have any stamps? If you receive postage stamps on cards and things, perhaps you would consider sending them to the Dogs Trust. Perhaps you could save them over the year and post them off after all the Christmas and New Year cards have come through your letterbox. 

The Dogs Trust can now take any stamp, even the basic First and Second class with the Queen's head on. However, foreign and picture stamps are worth more to the Dogs Trust.

The Dogs Trust do wonderful work for dogs throughout the UK, including a survey of how many stray dogs are in the country. They also help to finance the spay and neutering of dogs in areas of high unwanted dog populations, such as Northern Ireland.

Jenny Thomas is a volunteer who raised around £24,000 in 2018 through sales of your donated stamps – all of which goes straight to Dogs Trust. Jenny would LOVE to receive even more stamps - new, used, domestic, foreign, first day covers, collections - so please send them to:

Jenny Thomas, 15 Wentworth Drive, Finchley, London N3 1YA.

The Dogs Trust politely requests that when posting your stamps to Jenny, you use a stamp with the word LARGE written on it.

Jenny is a volunteer, and you will receive a letter of thanks informing you of how much Jenny raised so far this year. But rest assured that you will not be added to any mailing list at the Dogs Trust.

We have an A5 poster (2 on an A4 sheet) if anyone would like to share it at work or a local shop, pub etc.

Dogs Trust stamp appeal poster

I send the above image with all the Christmas cards that I post out, in the hope that friends and family will save their stamps and spread the word. I have created an A4 sheet of 6 images to print off, cut and include with cards.

Christmas card inserts save your stamps for the Dog's Trust appeal