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Dorsetdog - setting email account security

Unless one sets security access settings in the email account, then one can be forever blocked from the email account. It is important to do this to retrieve a password   

Here are some pictorial tips to help you

In order to carry out maintenance work on your computer, and read these instructions at the same time - it is advisable to reduce the size of the web browser window so that one can view the instructions by the side of the work that one is doing

How to minimise a web browser window - with

Minimise a window by clicking on the minimise window button

Size the web browser window to your desired width and height by dragging the edge around

Set your email security questions - with

Email Security Settings

It is important to set your security settings and security questions within your email account. If you forget your password, enter the wrong password too many times, get blocked, or your email account gets hacked then you will need to be able to get back into it. 

But one can get back in by setting the security settings. This includes creating or using a second email account, and verifying that account with your main email account. Once the second email account has been verified, then the first email account can safely send a password to the second account.

But it isn't just a question of creating and verifying a second email account. One also has to set some simple questions that only you would know the answer to. The usual questions are things like; who was your first pet, what's your mothers maiden name, etc.

And please don't forget to write the details down in the same place that you have recorded your account user names and passwords.

Set your email security so that you can get in easily if you forget your password, or get hacked

Example of setting email account security in a Google Gmail Account

Setting up Gmail security with

Set up security of your Google email account - with

Security setting your gmail account - with

recovery email account of your gmail account - with dorsetdog dot com

Google Account security with

phone and email for restoring Google Gmail email accounts - with

Set your security questions in a Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail email account - with

Example of setting up email account security for Microsoft Outlook

Setting up email account security for Outlook - with

Microsoft email account security - with

Outlook security - for a safer email with

Set up and edit email account security with

Hotmail and Outlook email account security with dorset dog show.

Set your security questions in one's email account - with

Export (save) all your email account's contact list to your computer

Doing this bit of routine maintenance ensure that if you should get blocked from your account, that you still have all the email addresses of your contacts from your email account

How to export your contact's email addressed from a Google gmail account

Find your contacts list in Gmail - with

Click on the circled contacts list - pictorial by

Download your contacts email addressed for gmail - with

Export your contacts from Google gmail - pictorial by

Export Google CSV file to your computer - by

save your Google contacts file - pictorial by

Export or save all your contacts email addresses from Google Gmail email account - with

How to export all your email addresses from a Microsoft Hotmail account

Microsoft is dropping Hotmail, and using Outlook as the default email account.
Note - Outlook is a different program to Outlook Express

How to download all your Hotmail email contact addresses

Export all your contacts' email address in Microsoft Outlook - with dog shows in dorset

Switch between Outlook, Mail, People contacts and more - with

Export your contact email addresses from Hotmail - with dorsetdog dot com

How to save you contacts from your Hotmail email account - with dorsetdog dot com

Save your WLMC contacts file for your Hotmail contacts - with dorsetdog dot com

Export or save all your contacts email addresses from Yahoo and Talk 21 email accounts – pictorial by

Export or save all your contact's email addresses from Hahoo and

Yahoo contacts email addresses can be saved - pictorial by

Actions required to save Yahoo and email contacts to your pc - by

Export Yahoo contact email addresses - pictorial by

Export your Yahoo CSV file to your computer - with

Yahoo Codes to save contact details

Save your yahoo ab file to your documents - with

Export or save all your contacts email addresses from one's email account - with