Keep the dog cool during the hot weather

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How to keep your dog cool

Work in progress. Please scroll down to see the videos. Other products coming soon.

If you find that you have a really hot dog that needs the heat drawing out of it, or the weather turns hot and you need a quick fix - consider buying a large synthetic chamois car cleaning cloth. Soak it in water and leave it on the dog. As the water evaporates, it will draw the heat out of the dog.

Review of the Prestige Cooling coat - how to prep it

Soaking the cooling coats in a bowl of water
Soaking the Cool dog cooling coats ready for a walk
My cavaliers in their "Small" size cooling coats
two cavaliers wearing the small size of Prestige cooling coats

First walk in the cooling coat at around 27 degrees

Website of the cooling coat

Chillax cooling pad by Rosewood pet
Another great product is the Chillax cooling pad. Simply place it in the dog's pet carrier, or just leave it on the floor. The dog's own weight and movement makes the Chillax cooler than the surrounding area. There is no freezing or electrical supply. 

Once the pad starts to become less effective, simply rest it by keeping any weight off of it, and then it will be good as new again
Website of the Chillax pad

I had Alfie lay on this Chillax pad for a few moments whilst I took these photos. Once he'd moved, there were dark areas where the pad had been cooling him. These patches soon recovered.
Standing on the pad bear footed shows how quickly they do cool whatever has laid on the pad.

Chillax pad is 50 cm by 40 cm
Chillax cooling pad is 50 cm by 40 cm
Small cavalier fills the pad
Chilling on the Chillax pad
Dark area is where it was coolingDark stain on Chillax pad is where the pad was cooling the dog

At the dog show on a hot day

Chillax pad under the blanket 
Chillax pad under the blanket to help keep the dogs cool
Road refresher bowl - non spill :)
prestige cool dog cooling coat keeps the hot dog happy
Prestige cool dog cooling coat 
Dogs enjoying shade under the umbrells

Non spill Road Refresher dog water bowl

Website of the Road Refresher bowl - but you can buy these in most pets stores

Some dogs like trying to get ice cubes out of their water bowl
Ice cubes in the spaniels water bowlIce cubes in the dogs spaniel water bowl  

 for tips on keeping your dog cool in the summer heat