Microsoft Office Live Small Business (OLSB) free Website - errors and DNS conflicts months after closing MS OLSB website used to be hosted on Microsoft's Office Live Small Business free website server. Then Microsoft decided to close down OLSB so that they could charge existing customers for web hosting. Domain names bought through Microsoft OLSB were transferred to domain name service providers Melbourne IT in Australia.

Melbourne IT have dire Customer Services, and in my experience - should be avoided at all costs.

I created a new website using Google sites

I started to transfer the domain name of dorsetdog from Melbourne IT to Domain Express in April 2012. The domain was eventually transferred after much correspondence, and Domain Express chasing Melbourne IT for me.

I set up a Google Webmaster account and found that the search engines were finding pages that simply did not exist. I eventually realised that whilst I had DNS settings with Domain Express (pointing to my Google site), Melbourne IT still had DNS settings (pointing to the old Microsoft site) that were conflicting with the new ones. DNS = Domain Name System. It is the method of the system telling the internet as to where a domain is stored in the internet. Websites are numbered, so the DNS takes the custom domain name, such as dorsetdog and points it towards site number xxxxxxxxx.

Melbourne IT - Active DNS management

I had submitted numerous emails and cancel Active DNS management requests to Melbourne IT. I kept receiving emails from Melbourne IT telling me that the domain was now hosted elsewhere. Well, I knew that - but it still didn't resolve the DNS conflict issues due to the Active settings at Melbourne IT.

Melbourne IT - cancel DNS management

Melbourne IT - We'll fuck your website with duplicate DNS management I happened across Melbourne IT's Facebook page, so started to post screenshots onto their Facebook Page. 
I posted this on the 18th February 2013. 

Melbourne changed the website layout, so I tweaked their logo for them, and posted this on Facebook

Melbourne IT - new layout with tweaks

Following my posting of a couple of other images on Melbourne IT's Facebook page, on the 28th February I had an email saying that they had finally cancelled the active DNS management.

Cancelled DNS management at long last

The the proof of the unacceptable time taken is shown by the order dates here

OLSB website DNS cancelled

It took a total of 331 days to get it sorted - appalling 

331 days for Melbourne IT to cancel the Active DNS management