Delete incorrect email addresses from autocomplete

Are you a user of Microsoft's ?

Do you get frustrated that you cannot delete any incorrect entry that appears when typing into the To: field?

One of the email addresses in this screenshot is wrong. It is stored in the Auto-complete file, but Microsoft have refused to allow users to delete it autocomplete failure to delete incorrect addreses

There is a way to solve that. Leave feedback to Microsoft directly asking them to address the issues. Google and many other email providers allow us to delete these incorrect entries.

Please do leave some feedback asking for the option

You can tweet Microsoft as an alternative method of getting the message across to them. Or you could add your comment onto my Tweet to increase the awareness, which will increase the message globally more quickly by many commenting on one tweet.

Microsoft's Twitter is @Microsoft and the hash tag for this campaign is #outlookDeleteAutoCompleteEntries 

So my tweet was

@Microsoft #outlookDeleteAutoCompleteEntries Please address this issue so that users can delete auto-complete entries 

And I attached the screenshot of my post in the Microsoft Community forum, so my Tweet to Microsoft looked like

#outlookDeleteAutoCompleteEntries Microsoft

And the full expanded tweet looked like does not allow us to delete incorrect email address entries

and here's a screen shot of the post in Microsoft Community forum

Discussion on the deletion of incorrect email addresses in

Asking Microsoft to edit so that we can delete incorrect email addresses in the auto-complete file