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Cavaliers are generally a happy, healthy breed of dog. However, as with many other breeds, there are genetic health problems. A lot of scientific research is being carried out on cavalier health issues and some breakthroughs have already to the fore.

Any owner of a cavalier who wishes to breed from a cavalier should be health testing for all the know conditions

The main health problems in the breed are:

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More detailed information can be found at the UK Cavalier Clubs website

Cavaliers for life is an International Genetic Research Program

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When buying a cavalier, one should check that the parents have been tested for various health tests.

To discuss any cavalier issue, to seek advice, or simply to read other people’s advice on cavalier ownership, visit Cavalier Chat. This forum is dedicated to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and its members are pet owners, show and breeders with a wide range of knowledge and years of experience.