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Why it's inappropriate to give an animal to someone who is not a member of your own household

I was rather stunned to read in the Irish Independant's fashion section the suggestion that some well known person is due to give a dog to her in-law.

Giving animals as pets to people who are not a part of your own home is inappropriate. The person might not want a dog, cat, hampster, etc. Might not have the time to care for it. Or might be away from home for long periods of time.

Dogs that are given as gifts to people who live in other dwellings to the pet giver often end up being neglected and even abused due to the feeling that the person has to keep the unwanted gift, but doesn't want to care for it. So let the person buy the animal themselves, instead of forcing it on them.

The Dogs Trust has an article on "The dark side of the Christmas puppy trade"

Dogs Trust have a Facebook page, with numerous dogs looking for a new home

Dogs Trust Facebook page

So, do you know anyone who is good with manipulating the media, or who has contacts with people who work in media related jobs?