Dog friendly locations

Dorsetdog - Dog friendly locations

Please send us details of any locations you know of in Dorset

that you have found to be dog friendly.

Below are three web pages that you might find of interest.

Dorsetdog has not been to these locations, and cannot verify conditions or environment. Visitors go at their own risk.

When going for your walk, please ensure that you take your dog’s following items with you

    • Poo bags, no responsible dog owner should ever leave home without them as you never know when they might need to go!

    • Water bowl and water

  • Fixed lead

The sides of these soft drinking bowls fold down for small dogs, and fold to fit your pocket. The wide mouthed 330ml drink bottle is ideal for easily pouring water back in to after the dog has finished drinking. The whole lot fits easily in to a jacket pocket and is ideal for taking on hot days.

Doggiepubs is a very good website (inserted below) which lists pubs where dogs are welcome.

The address is

Driving with dogs is a very good website (inserted below) which lists dog walks, pubs where dogs are welcome, and more.

The address is

The Kennel Club have a section on their website dedicated to dog friendly locations - inserted below.

The address is