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Intestinal tape worms

Do you know the facts about the intestinal worms that can affect your dog’s health?

Everybody is familiar with earthworms – harmless creatures that actually do a bit of good in the garden. But right there in your garden, there could be the eggs or larvae of some very different worms, far from harmless, and quite capable of doing serious damage to the health of your pet and your family!

You would rarely see these worms, of course, because they spend their whole adult lives inside your dog or cat's intestines, feeding off their blood and the food that they eat.

There are several different species of intestinal worms that can infect cats and dogs in the UK. Some are only a few millimetres long, others can grow to a staggering 5 metres in length (and if that makes you squirm, imagine how your pet must feel!) Some live off the contents of the gut (in effect, scavenging the animal's food) while others attach themselves to the gut wall and live off the animal's blood. And worst of all, some can infect people as well as pets – which is probably the best reason of all to keep your pet worm-free.

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Lung worm

Bayer’s Advocate is the only spot on treatment to help sort lung worm. Every time your dog drinks from a puddle, or an open source of water, then they are open to all sorts of nasty things. Only Advocate sorts all these things.

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Advocates web site is here

Flea treatments

As well as sorting and preventing any flea problems, Bayer's Advocate is designed to combat all sorts of nasty parasites that gets inside the dog as well.

This product delivers what others only promise: Broad protection against common internal as well as external parasites in dogs and cats - in one product and with one spot-on application only!

What could be simpler for pet owners to remember and more reassuring for a vet to prescribe?

Advocate does it.

Advocate is an ideal product offering

* Heartworm prevention

* Flea and lice treatment and prevention of flea infestations. The product can be also used as part of a treatment strategy for FAD (Flea Allergy


* Gastrointestinal worm control including several larval stages

* Treatment and prevention of lungworms in dogs (Angiostrongylus vasorum and treatment ofcrenosoma vulpis)

* Control of ear mites in cats and dogs

* Control of sarcoptic mange in dogs

* Control of Demodex mites in dogs

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