Dorsetdog - About us

Dorsetdog was created after I attended a poorly planned, organised and run dog show.

I was advised by some friends of a new dog show in Dorset, but the first problem was to actually find the venue.

Once there it became apparent that no thought had been put in to the paperwork required or preparation of the ring.

But the main issue was the judge who was a vet with absolutely no experience in judging dog shows.

The farmers field used had recently been harvested, but the crop stubble was still some 6 inches high and hard. My cavalier refused to soldier on after the judge had made us repeatedly walk around the ring until he made his mind up. A poor little yorkie was continuously jumping over the stubble, which makes it impossible for the judge to see the animal move correctly.

Following a chat with some experienced judges, the bases for Dorsetdog was born in 2010. And over time the site has been added to in a bid to help show organisers and dog owners enjoy our companions even more at more professionally run novelty and companion dog shows.

Dorsetdog is built and maintained voluntarily in my own time for the sole purpose of improving our enjoyment of our companions.