Breed groups on Facebook

You are welcome to browse these groups either as an owner, or to seek information and knowledge about the breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Dorset - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Owners Group

Staffordshire Pit Bull - Dorset Staffie lovers for breed equality

Every dog will behave based on how it has been trained and treated by the human that trained it. Never blame a dog purely based on breed or media hype of that breed.

So much media hyped information and "based on belief" gossip has been spread around about some really lovely breeds, that these groups will create an ideal location for owners to show to the public just how loving and caring every pedigree breed of dog naturally is.

Local "Breed" specific Facebook dog groups

Facebook is a great vehicle for connecting people. It is becoming more effective than websites for bringing like minded people together so that they can share stories, photos and for asking questions about specific topics.

This page has been created to support anyone who wishes to start a group for their chosen breed of dog. We aim to list all the groups that have been set up for specific dog breeds in or near Dorset.