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SAVSNET are conducting research into "Understanding how the healthcare of dogs and cats is managed by their owners and veterinary surgeons" This includes vaccinations, and the decision to vaccinate the dog or not.

All the information is on




The aim of Dorset Dog .com is to help anyone who is thinking of running or is involved in a charity dog show, or companion dog show. There is a guide on how to judge a dog show, and numerous downloads and tips on how to run a show - for dog show organisers.

Dorset Dog is here to give Dorset residents who own companion dogs and family pet dogs a one stop shop of training clubs and more.

We have a number of videos. Click here to visit our You Tube video playlist

The Google Chrome web browser can be used to read the downloaded PDF copies of the schedules and show organisers documents. Enjoy.

We have a new page to direct people to the most popular pages on CRGV - commonly called Alabama Rot.

CRGV stands for Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy and is at CRGV-Alabama-Rot

We have a dedicated Lepto website at

Any dog training club based in Dorset can be listed for free on this site. All requests must include a contact name, phone number, detailed venue address and location, post code, day and time of meeting/lessons, and web site address if relevant. An email address should only be supplied if you regularly check emails.

Enjoy your companion