Cone of shame

Comfy collar - the Cone of shame alternative

There are times when a dog needs to be restricted, so that it cannot lick, gnaw or bite any area of its body - usually when it has stitches after a procedure or similar.The vet will usually loan or charge for an Elizabethan collar, also known as E-Collar, or pet cone, sometimes humorously called a pet lamp-shade, pet radar dish or cone of shame.

The Comfy collar allows the dog to lay own an go about its everyday life, without banging the cone on door frames, the floor. It also doesn't restrict the dogs vision.When I brought Alfie home from the vets, he was so doppy from the anaesthetic that he banged the cone of shame on the tarmac with every step that he took, spooking himself. Having carried him into the house, he then proceeded to bang the cone into furniture and door frames.

So I took the cone off for the night, and did some research on the internet. I discovered the comfy collar, so first thing in the mornings I went off to the vets. They sold me a Comfy collar made by Thrive. I've used it on both my dogs, and am really glad that I bought the Comfy collar. I put it on them in a horse shoe shape, which allows the dog to sleep on its back without discomfort.