The risks of Litter to dogs


Just a thought about the dog's excrements

Many of us have a dog and this post is for EVERYONE who hates the "dog shit" and ESPECIALLY those who disrespect mother nature..

So here's something to think about:

• My dog doesn’t throw lollies and chewing gum on the ground.

• My dog doesn't drink coffee from a cardboard cup and leaves it everywhere...

• My dog will never go to Macdonalds, Burger King or fast food restaurant to find a good place to eat and then throw the paper 10 feet from the trash!

• My dog doesn't drink from plastic bottles or cups and then dumps them in nature!

• My dog doesn't wear T-shirts, underwear and doesn't decorate the branches in trees as a work of art!

• My dog doesn't drink beer/soda from a can and doesn't throw the can into nature. He doesn't use toilet paper either!!!

• My dog doesn't smoke or use tobacco, and therefore doesn't throw cigarette butts or tobacco bags on the ground.

• My dog won't buy a sandwich that, whether eaten or not, stays in the packaging and ends up in the trash!

• My dog doesn't break bottles and doesn't leave pieces of glass anywhere!

• My dog doesn't use condoms and throws them in nature!!

• My dog only leaves his needs completely natural...


We are supposed to clean up after our dogs poop, which I always do of course..

But then I expect everyone to clean up their mess like they should!!!

I would appreciate it if I didn't have to worry about someone else's trash and food every time I walk my dog!!!

Maybe worth thinking about?

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