Hydrotherapy for dogs

Dogs can benefit greatly from hydrotherapy

The Honeysuckle Agility Demonstration Team/Group was formed a few years ago to promote the Honeysuckle hydrotherapy Centre. The Beaminster Vets, Girling and Bowditch created this facility in 2004. This display team is not a competition club type of agility team.

The Hydrotherapy Centre's website is www.honeysucklehydrotherapy.co.uk

The buoyancy provided by the water reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system allowing non weight bearing exercise, essential in the recovery of some injuries.

The hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water assists in the reduction of tissue swelling reducing pain and improving limb awareness.

The warmth of the water along with the exercise dilates the superficial blood vessels improving the blood supply to the muscles and helping to reduce stiffness and discomfort.

The viscosity of the water provides a resistance to limb movement, a water property the Veterinary Nurse will utilise in strengthening targeted muscle groups.