DNA swabs SM, MVD, EHL research

International request for DNA swabs for research of

SM, MVD and Early Hearing Loss (EHL) - Michigan, USA

A research group in America has put out an appeal for DNA swabs for cavaliers. The following popped up on Facebook

"Calling ALL Cavaliers to unite - to ALL owners/people who can pass this info on to others. I encourage all breeders to not only cheek swab their dogs they own, but to contact all of their pet owners in asking them to do the same.

Doctors who see Cavaliers for these health issues to pass this on to owners. I think we can form a village to help move this mountain by giving support in getting these cheek swabs done. Please read how you can help.

There is a group of researchers who are investigating the genetics behind Cavalier health issues. We are asking for your help and support at no cost to you.

The group is Van Andel Research Institute in Michigan and they are working on Cavalier genetics for SM, MVD, and early hearing loss. They were working on only hearing loss in the Cavalier, but have expanded their efforts to included SM, MVD & early hearing loss.

They are a non-profit and the tests (cheek swabs) they need to do the research are free.

This is a call out to ALL owners of a Cavalier to rise to the occasion to support this research. This is vesting just a wee bit of time to protect preserve the love this breed gives so freely to us. Please read below as to how you can help and FAQ.

1-1st is to E-mail to Linda see #11 below to get swabs for your dog(s) AND send this on to any others for them to participate.

2- You will also be automatically added to their database and get updates on how things are progressing.

If/when they locate the genes controlling these diseases you will automatically be sent the results for your dog(s).

(This can directly benefit one's breeding program and the future of Cavaliers)

3-Your dogs’ identities will be protected.

4-There are no age limits, as long as the dogs are weaned.

5-It does not matter where the dog is, in what country, it's breeding/pedigree, registration etc.

6-They need swabs from a total of 1000 Cavaliers, including ones that have been MRI’d clear, and those that have been MRI’d with SM, as well as bunches of “unknowns” or unscanned dogs.

7- If your dog is deaf or hard of hearing, make mention of this in your e-ml to let Linda know, she will send you a special kit for those dogs. It's a different collection for hearing.

8- You will fill out a short questionnaire that will be emailed to them in about the first of September. The questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes for each dog that a swab was sent in on.

9- All individual results are confidential!

10- A bonus is that everyone that sends in swabs now those dogs their genetic code will be in that database and as results become available for markers could qualify for additional free testing, and results prior to the final publishing of the marker.

11- E-ml Linda lynwoodstudio@yahoo.com and request the quantity of swabs needed for your Cavaliers. Be sure to include your name, email, mailing address along with the quantity of swabs needed.

12- Be sure to include on each dog’s cheek swab as to how this dog fits into the goals outlined below, include identification of that dog name & registration # DOB owner’s name written on the label for each cheek swab. More info is better than not enough. The reason is if the research team has any question they know which DNA they are needing more information on and also will help them to know at a glance what group this dog’s DNA fits into as to the parameters they are looking for to compare in trying to find the genetic mutation.

There are already participants from Canada, Australia, Alaska, and I believe England. The more the better to get as much diversity & get the #’s for the genetic profiling they need below. This group is well versed in canine genetics and has discovered the genetic links for diseases in other breeds of dogs.

Some further info on this research team from Linda:

All Clumber spaniels breeders bank DNA for research with them. A Clumber breeder/judge at the CKCS national took enough swabs back to Alaska for Cavalier owners because of Van Andels great help in Clumbers. I spoke with this Clumber person who impressed upon me their work. She did not expound on specifics but said that Van Andel's research saved her breeding program!! Talk about a passionate believer! This is even more motivation for us to make sure we get our Cavaliers into their research. The more I learn of this research group, the more I am so impressed!

Linda is a volunteer contact person for cavaliers and not affiliated with Van Andel nor has any interest other than is a CKCS breeder that knows this needs to be done

Again, I can not thank you enough. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The plus side is that we, as the participants could gain valuable genetic information free of charge and it is confidential!


1,000 general population cavalier swabs across the US

100 early onset hearing loss

100 MVD clear

100 with MVD

100 MRI cleared of SM

100 symptomatic of SM

Fully Weaned puppies to geriatrics. As you see, all cavaliers qualify! There is simply no reason to not do this.

If your dog is deaf or hard of hearing, let Linda know and she will send you a special kit for those dogs. It's a different collection.

Please feel free to email me anytime.

With all my heartfelt thanks, for doing a good thing for the dogs & their future,

Linda Baird Lynwood Cavaliers

Please email Linda at lynwoodstudio@yahoo.com and request the swabs for any Cavaliers you have see #11 above for the info needed to include.

It’s a chance to get some real data about these awful conditions. For anyone who has lost a loved dog to one of these conditions this is a way to remember them, to try to help the dogs now and in the future.

Please tell your vet or any specialist who sees Cavaliers so they can mention this to other clients.

The dogs say THANK you! - Jill & the family of Catesby Cavaliers"