CRGV stands for Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy

CRGV has a common name of Alabama Rot as it has symptoms similar to the cases found in America, but CRGV does have a number of differences to Alabama Rot.

The first cases were identified in the New Forest by vets Anderson Moores, based at Hurlsey.

Over the last 6 years, more CRGV cases have been seen between November and May than between June and October, suggesting a possible Winter / Spring seasonality.

The official web page supporting this condition is

Anderson Moores has a Facebook page at

There is mapping available for locations of confirmed cases at

Fund raising for CRGV research

There are two groups raising funds for research in to CRGV.

The official group raising funds have called the website ARRF, which stands for Alabama Rot Research fund.

Their page is at

They have a Facebook page at

Another group is the New Forest Dog Owners Group. Their fund raising is held in a bank account and is dedicated to Anderson Moores and any other interested party with an acceptable application.

Their page is at

They have a Facebook page at

Parliamentary petition

There is a Parliamentary petition at You will have to validate your email address to sign the petition.

Confirmed UK cases

This is the number of dogs who have died, and the condition has been confirmed by autopsy. Autopsy is the only way to confirm the condition. There are a number of dogs who have not been autopsied, so the true figure of the dogs infected with or who have died from this condition is unknown.

CRGV - Alabama Rot on Facebook

There are numerous groups on Facebook. I would send you to

Anderson Moores has a Facebook page at

Alabama Rot UK Help - CRGV

ARRF have a Facebook page at

New Forest Dog Owners have a Facebook page at