Dog muck, bag it n bin it

It is imperative that you always pick up after your dog

Dorsetdog - Dog waste. Bag it, tie it, bin it

Dog waste, dog muck, dog poo, dog parcels. It doesn't matter what you call it, so long as you bag it up

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There is a reason as to why dog and cat poo smells when you step in it. The foul smell is nature's way of telling us that the item is unhealthy to us. Not only is it unpleasant to drag dog muck into ones house on the bottom of the shoes, it's also unpleasant when the dog steps in someone elses dog's muck. And of course, throwing the dog's toy, only to find that it's landed in a pile is also somewhat annoying.

This is a Toxocariasis - a Roundworm (tape worm)

When it gets into the blood stream, it can aim for the eye - and make you blind

Toxocariasis in the intestines

Life cycle of the Toxocariasis

What the Toxocariasis looks like