Dorsetdog - Downloads for Dog Show organisers

The Kennel Club have strict regulations for shows that are licensed by them. Companion Dog Shows fall under Regulation F3, which is on page 33 of these regulations.

Feel free to print off and laminate any of the following A4 signs for your dog show.

Left Click on each image to open and view the PDF in a new window. By moving your mouse to the bottom of that new window, a menu will appear offering you the choice of saving it to your computer as an A4 PDF, or simply printing it off.

Route direction signing

Please ensure that you remove all signs as soon as the show has finished.

There is nothing worse than when a route is signed, but the first (and most important) sign is actually located in the turning and obscured from the drivers view. When direction signing your show, it is a good idea to display a "starter" sigh before any turn. This provides the visitors with an idea of what your signs look like so that they know what to look out for. It also tells them that the route has been signed.

The lamppost sign (Right) has been produced so that it can be wrapped around a lamppost or post as a starter sign in advance of the first turn .

The signs can be fixed with cable ties or string.

The two below are designed to be wrapped around lamp posts

Class Numbers.

These are used to let people know which class is running in the ring.

These should be printed at 1 per A4 sheet, and laminated

Ring Numbers.

These are the numbers that you give to each registered entrant, so the Steward know who it who, and who's paid.

9 numbers per A4 sheet

Judging guide for

Novelty dog shows

List of breeds in Pedigree Sporting and Non sporting classes

Stewards record - Pedigree

Winners record - Pedigree

Stewards records - Novelty

Winners record - Novelty

Pedigree class entry forms

Blank forms for entering your own Class names and Class Numbers

Class Entry Record Sheet

Novelty Class Winners Record

Pedigree Class Winners Record